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Who should you pick as your estate’s executor?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Estate Planning

When you die, how your assets get distributed depends on the stipulations included in your will. This document allows you to describe how to distribute your property and assets after your death and also lets you name a legal guardian for any minor children you have.

According to the CDC Foundation, you also need to name an executor in your will, and this is the person who carries out the designations in this legal document. When selecting your estate’s executor, consider several qualities to make the most beneficial choice.


Your executor should be able to handle family dynamics while remaining objective and composed. Your executor should be someone who will not succumb to the complexities of family issues and remain true to the stipulations included in your will.

Schedule flexibility

It can take time to complete all the tasks associated with taking on the role of an executor. Consider the schedule of your potential executor and determine if he or she would be able to meet the required deadlines and complete the other tasks associated with completing your estate.

Health and age

Consider someone who is younger to fulfill the role of your executor and who is also in good health. You may also want to name two executors in your will in case one dies before you update your will.

Keep in mind that you can change your will as your life changes and evolves. For this reason, you can always update who will be your executor if you change your mind later on and want to pick someone else to fulfill this duty.