Angela C. Artherton

Caring and Client-Focused Advocacy

Protecting Your Business’s Best Interests

When a dispute involving your business cannot be resolved on your own, litigation may be the only method of settling things in a civil manner. When litigation becomes necessary, so does the needs for a skilled business litigation attorney.

At Artherton Law, you can find legal representation from a lawyer who offers large law firm experience paired with small law firm attention. I am Angela Artherton, and I proudly serve businesses throughout northern Arkansas and southern Missouri with their business litigation needs.

How I Can Help Businesses

When I worked at a large law firm, I gained considerable experience in civil corporate litigation. I use that experience for smaller businesses in the area, often for those who are breaking up or facing a breach of contract disputes. I also take on many civil litigation and real estate contract cases. No matter what case I take, I always work closely with my clients to ensure I have the necessary information to develop custom-tailored strategies that can pursue the ideal outcome in their cases.

Whether you are looking for help administering an estate and pursuing the information you need to resolve things, or you want to make your voice heard in civil or business litigation, let me stand by your side to develop a strategy to protect your best interests throughout the entire process.

Learn More About How I Can Help You

If you are looking for an experienced litigator that can help you defend your needs in your business litigation case, make sure your lawyer is as committed to your needs as you are. You can learn more about how I can help you by calling my office at 870-627-3031 or emailing me here to schedule your initial consultation today.