Angela C. Artherton

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Skilled Probate And Estate Administration Services

When a loved one passes on, probate and estate administration often become burdens the decedent’s friends and family are not prepared to deal with. Navigating the complex probate process on your own can be difficult while you are grieving, so why not have an experienced guide help you through the challenges ahead?

At Artherton Law, I help clients throughout northern Arkansas and southern Missouri with their estate administration and probate needs. My name is Angela Artherton, and I want to relieve you of the burden of your probate and estate administration obligations.

What Probate Entails

Probate is the legal process of recognizing a will, appointing someone to execute it and administering the estate according to that will. As your legal representation, I can help you minimize the time it takes to resolve your probate process, saving you time, money and energy. I also can complete tasks as an estate administrator, such as:

  • Alert interested policyholders
  • Pay the remaining debts of the estate
  • Obtain an accurate valuation of assets
  • Disperse inheritance to beneficiaries
  • Handle any tax obligations of the estate

My goal as your probate attorney is to minimize the difficulty you have with the probate process after a loved one passes. Instead of trying to juggle probate and estate administration with your grieving process, let me handle the legal aspect while you focus on your mourning.

Leave The Probate To Me

If you are looking for a committed lawyer you can leave your probate needs with, choose a lawyer you can trust. Contact my office in Lowell by calling 870-627-3031 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation today.