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Why should you update your will?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Estate Administration, Estate Planning, Probate

Wills are not intended to be permanent documents. In fact, most people must update their wills many times over the years to ensure they continue to meet their needs.

Although updating your estate plan might not be the most exciting task on your to-do list, doing so is key to your peace of mind.

Changes in personal circumstances

Whether it is getting married, having children or acquiring new assets, significant life events necessitate updates to your will. Without revising your will to reflect these changes, there is a risk that your heirs will not receive your assets as you intended.

Protection for loved ones

Updating your will also ensures that your loved ones are adequately provided for in the event of your passing. With minor children, a will allows you to name a guardian to provide care in your absence. As for your spouse, you can use the document to support them even after you are gone.

Avoiding legal complications

An outdated will can also lead to legal complications and disputes among your beneficiaries. By keeping your will updated, you can minimize the likelihood of disputes and ensure a smoother transition of your estate.

Accounting for changes in assets

Over time, your financial situation is likely to evolve. From purchasing a new home to starting a business, you must include these changes in your will. Doing so ensures that all your assets transfer to heirs according to your wishes.

Your will is your final opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and provide for the people who are important to you. By updating your will regularly, you can rest easy knowing that you can preserve your legacy in the way you desire.